Sunday, August 8, 2010

BP Doug Suttles Tours the Oil Spill Site

Doug Suttles, Chief Operating Officer, BP Exploration and Production, returns to the site of the oil spill to see the progress that has been made in the fight against the oil spill. "The things people have done here are mind-boggling." To learn more about BP's response in the Gulf of Mexico, visit

Static Kill Overview

In this video, BP Sr VP Kent Wells explains key differences between the Top Kill, which was unsuccessful, and the Static Kill procedure proposed to kill the MC252. Wells covers both the Static Kill and Bottom Kill procedures being planned for killing and cementing the MC252.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Static Kill Demonstration

A demonstration shows what engineers will attempt on the temporarily-capped BP well.

Static Kill Injectivity Testing Commences on MC252 Well

Release date: 03 August 2010
HOUSTON - BP started injectivity testing today at 19:05 (UK) and 13:05 (CDT) in advance of static kill operations. Based on the results of the injectivity test, pumping of drilling mud for the static kill could commence later today, following which a decision on the best way to cement the well will be determined. All operations are being carried out with the guidance and approval of the National Incident Commander. The aim of these procedures is to assist with the strategy to kill and isolate the well, and will complement the upcoming relief well operation.
The relief well remains the ultimate solution to kill and permanently cement the well. The first relief well, which started May 2, has set its final 9 7/8-inch casing. Operations on the relief wells are suspended during static kill operations. Depending upon weather conditions, mid-August is the current estimate of the most likely date by which the first relief well will intercept the Macondo well annulus, and kill and cement operations commenced.

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